Our mission statement at GPS-FL involves helping young players pursue excellence on and off the field to reach their full potential.  We want to see our players playing at the highest possible level of soccer in the world.  As the club has grown we have tried to develop certain characteristics in our players and teams that reflect the vision that GPS-FL has for the future.
“The mission of GPS-FL is to enhance the soccer experience of players and coaches in Florida. We provide our players the opportunity to develop as athletes and as people by fostering an identity of excellence. We strive to produce players who can compete at the highest level of soccer throughout the world.”

In line with many of the world’s elite clubs, GPS-FL introduced a new player model for use in player selection for all FPS teams.  Using the acronym P.A.C.E, this model reflects the key player qualities that GPS-FL looks for in all its players regardless of their age.
Creativity (Confidence for goalkeepers)

• We are looking for players who can lead and show initiative when things are tough.
• We want players who are prepared to take chances in order to excel on the field.

• We want players who have a committed approach to training and games and who only know how to give 100%.
• We expect maximum effort at all times and we want players who will always exhibit an outstanding work ethic and demonstrate good character even at times of adversity.

• We want players to be technically excellent and have the confidence to take risks in difficult situations.
• In order to compete at the highest levels; players must be able to solve problems in pressure situations.

Confidence (For Goalkeepers)
• We want our Goalkeepers to develop a positive presence on the field that is conveyed to the entire team.
• We are looking for Goalkeepers who believe in themselves and who are not afraid to make mistakes.

• The underlying motivation for the GPS-FL model is that all our players will push themselves to excel in everything that they do on and off the field.
• We want to create an environment where players are constantly challenged and are pushed to reach their full potential.

Players must be able to perform technically and tactically at speed in order to be successful. To achieve this, our players need to develop physically and increase their speed of thought on the field. This will develop intelligent players who can solve problems quickly on the soccer field. This is the backbone of what GPS-FL looks for in players who are interested in joining the club at either the School of Excellence, Junior Premier, or Premier level. The GPS-FL coaching staff is committed to promoting and developing these qualities in all our current players as well as players who will join us in the future.