The Sport Source® Quick Tips For College

The Sport Source® Quick Tips For College

Seniors – National Signing Day is right around the corner, and now is great time to take the opportunity to use the MATCHFIT© search engine if you are still looking for college options. Link, share, and connect instantly with programs that would be ideal for you academically and athletically. Remember though, February 5th is not the only day you can sign your National Letter of Intent, you will have until August 1st to sign on the dotted line.

If you do have a list of schools you have focused on, begin to narrow your list to your top 3 or 5 colleges. Keep an eye on application/scholarship deadlines if you have not applied already, communicate with admissions counselors if you have any questions or concerns about the application process, and make sure to fill out the FAFSA to determine what financial aid will be available to you. The FAFSA can be completed as early as January 1st, and should be done so as soon as possible togive you the greatest opportunity to receive the maximum amount of financial aid. The longer you wait to fill out the FAFSA, the less money there may be available to you in your financial aid package.

 Juniors – Prepare to take a spring SAT and or ACT test, think about visiting college campuses, send out your cover letter and player profile to those college coaches whose program(s) you are interested in, consider taking AP or Dual Credit classes for your senior year, and prioritize what it is you want out of the college experience. Think about where you fit best as it relates to the programs of study you wish to pursue, and the potential opportunities you may have as a collegiate soccer player. Keep your grades up, as this can equal money in your pocket when it comes time to apply for college. Utilize MATCHFIT© as you refine your college search and explore additional options.

Sophomores – Sophomores should prepare to review course selections for their junior year of high school, register for the NCAA Eligibility Center this coming summer, cast a wide net as it relates to possible college choices, consider taking campus visits, and communicate with coaches whose programs interest you the most. MATCHFIT© will help you create a list of schools that is unique to you and your interests.

Freshman – If you have yet to create a dossier, now’s the time. Think about location, climate, size, expense, programs of study…. these are all things to consider when you think about which college is in your future. Develop a player resume/profile, along with a cover letter and begin sending it out to those college coaches whose programs you would fit in well with. It’s never too early to make a campus visit either…take advantage of school holidays and breaks to visit a campus, speak with admissions, talk with a college coach, take a tour and speak with current students. The E-College Counselor will guide you through grade specific timelines, help you create a dossier and resume, help you understand what it is a college coach looks for in a prospect, and help you understand why good grades can mean a lot more to the bottom line, than just being a great athlete.


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