FPS_FUTSAL_LOGO_REDIn 2013, Florida Premier Soccer will conduct Futsal summer camps to aid players in the technical component of the game as the club continues in it’s mission of creating the optimum environment for player development.

Futsal, a small-sided variant of soccer played in an indoor arena, is something that has been played for decades in countries like Brazil, Argentina, Spain and Italy - countries who have won seven of the previous eight World Cups between them, and are also the top sides in Futsal.

In those countries, Futsal is part of a development program where children play both soccer and futsal at a young age to increase technical touches on the ball.

An estimated 30 million people play Futsal worldwide and it is recognised by Fifa as the “fastest growing indoor sport in the world.”

Around 170 of the 209 Fifa member associations play Futsal, while a record 24 countries participated in the Futsal World Cup last year.

FPS aims to integrate Futsal into the clubs player development pyramid as the club looks to maximize the technical development of every player within their programs.