E-College Counselor

E-College Counselor

Global Premier Soccer is pleased to announce the launch of our E-College Counselor through our educational partner, the Sport Source. The E-College Counselor is the newest addition to our College Education curriculum.

The E-College Counselor allows our student-athletes 24/7 access to all areas of college planning, including in-depth information on financial aid, practice SAT and ACT testing and grade-specific seminars.  GPS Player resumes will now be uniform. From the E-College Counselor website, each student-athlete will be able to download the GPS resume and cover letter template. With all player resumes being uniform, each team will be able to create a “profile” book that can be easily distributed at college showcases. These profile books will have a professional and clean look that will help to separate GPS from other clubs.

Another fantastic feature of the E-College Counselor is the MatchFit program. This program allows our student-athletes the ability to search for colleges based on specific individual criteria, such as school size, cost, majors and geographic location. From each search you are able to click on a school to be redirected to that school’s admission’s or athletic department’s website. Our student-athletes can utilize the MatchFit program wherever they can access the internet. The MatchFit program can identify colleges that a student may not have thought of before. All searches can be saved to review at a later time.

Interested in playing collegiate soccer? Then the E-College Counselor will take you step by step through the process with detailed information on the NCAA and NAIA Eligibility Center, all recruiting rules and regulations for each division of play, how to market yourself to college soccer programs, knowing what core courses you need to take in high school and so much more.

In addition to all the great on-line resources, the Sport Source will provide a GPS-only liaison to answer questions and provide guidance by phone or e-mail. Our point of contact is Dee Maher. Dee can be reached at [email protected] or 1-866-829-2606/972-509-5707.

The E-College Counselor is updated daily with any and all changes in collegiate rules and regulations. Along with the vast network our own GPS coaches have with college programs, we feel confident that we can assist all GPS players in finding the right fit for college.

The cost for a one year access is $75 and can be paid on-line through the E-College Counselor.  This is a savings of over $300 for each GPS family exclusively!!! To sign up for the E-College Counselor go to http://www.thesportsource.com/demolabs/gps/sitedemo/index.html

For more information, please contact Steve Quinones at [email protected].